13 de mai de 2006

Ainda não estou satisfeita

Estou achando este visual do blog meio pobrinho ainda. Gostaria de deixá-lo mais elegante. Enquanto não consigo fazer isso, aí vão mais uns estudos no ArtRage.

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2 comentários:

Sweedie disse...

Most of the time you see the images of nude girls around the Internet. It is fresh to see a boy posing. Is it a real one or just a fantasy construction? I like the movement of the girl, it makes the image more dynamic.

Please join the ArtRage forum, it is very friendly and creative. We need you there!

Silvana disse...

Sweedie, this almost nude boy (he uses a small red maillot :D) is a fantasy construction. I'd like to do some model sessions... Thanks for your invite and visit.