13 de mai de 2006

Pintando a Nua Reclinada (wip)

Ainda no ArtRage, usando o pincel de óleo (oil brush) e a espátula (palette knife).

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2 comentários:

Sweedie disse...

I like your work with ArtRage 2. I am using that a lot too, in fact it is my favourite tool for making graphics right now. I am a member in the ArtRage forum. I hope you join there too! If you have a look at my site you find some art created with ArtRage 2. I guess we have met on the IDA forum some times. I left that forum some times ago but still keep an eye on it now and then.

Silvana disse...

Wow, the flying sausage is yours?! 8O

I was seeing your site, very nice paintings. :D